Past graduates

  Multiple breeds, unique and quirky personalities, and never a dull moment: Meet some of my students!

GabeGabe, an Australian Shepherd is my student teacher. He helps me with dog aggressive dogs with his calm demeanor.

10687309_408217392658576_8969570465900353775_oMr. Sherlock Holmes! He is a lot of dog, in a small body. Be careful, he’s quite the charmer when it comes to trying to get his way! So smart and so cute, quite the dangerous combination.

Frank HatCharming Charley rocking his Frank Sinatra look!

KobeyKobey, a 5 year old black German Shepherd has designs on becoming a therapy dog.

unnamedDoes your dog have a “job” that helps build his confidence? This big, beautiful 9-mo. old GSD is Max who helps by pulling a wheelchair for springtime walks through Rose Rudman Park. Though he loves his job he didn’t like jumping into the back of the van. After we looked at the situation from Max’s point of view, we made some visual adjustments & Max now loads up like the champ he is!

RidgbackThe Rhodesian Ridgeback sisters. This brave human took on two puppies – double your trouble, double your fun!

SamsonBaby Samson, 14 weeks. My, what long legs you have! Gentle as a lamb & a quick study, too!

2Quinn – Two faces and double the personality! She’ll try to outsmart you, in anyway possible, before doing what you want her to. She keeps us on our toes!

unnamed (5)Pearl has her sights set on therapy work and is starting her second series of training. Her mom and I have to keep a list going of all the tricks and behaviors that Pearl knows because she’s so hard to keep up with! We know it’s over 15 at least, but she’s the first student-puppy I’ve ever had whose Default Behavior is rollover! Her mom and dad have worked hard with Pearl, but we are all just trying to keep up with her.

11069562_10206284898747645_1643508049_oThe Indomitable Stosh!  Was so lucky to meet this boy as a wee puppy & even watched his first herding lesson. The first rule of herding is, “you kill it, you buy it!  I remember suggesting to his human she might look up lamb recipes for Easter that year. He has never touched a one & look at him now!

BrandiBaby Brandi – An “independent thinker”… but how do you argue with those eyes?

TysonTough guy Tyson, thought to be potentially aggressive, has been adopted into a wonderful home & melts hearts with his gentlemanly personality.

ZeusBaby Zeus can’t even get his ears to stand up straight. Wait until you see this big, handsome boy now!

Sweet Sadie is Zeus’s litter-mate that arrived to her new owner just in time to spread some Christmas cheer!

millieMillie was a little unsure about kids & other dogs. We have Millie a job (she carries her own backpack with water) & have exposed her to Gabe, the student teacher with the calming energy. Millie is now walking happily at Rose Rudman Park & Lowe’s with Gabe in tow.

Cooper & Lennon are two lucky rescue dogs with great parents who are committed to making this new multi-dog household work. Great job, Crissey Pack!

Here’s Dude! He’s a very quick learner with a love for turkey dogs! Don’t let his sleepiness in this photo fool you, he has quite the array of adorable facial expressions!

scooby Daphne

This is Scooby, an 8 month old Great Dane, and Daphne (of course!), his 7 month old sister.

Mom and Dad wisely decided as big as these pups are getting, they needed some training. They truly are “Gentle Giants!”

11061213_924765120902291_676189749141244526_nThis is Alejandro & Shiraz, standard long-haired dachshunds. Talk about a bundle of cuteness!

 unnamed (1)Sooner is an 18-month old Golden/Great Pyrenees mix. He was found as a stray running the “mean streets” of Lufkin. Animal Control immediately knew he was highly adoptable & Golden Retriever Rescue of Dallas took him in. Sure enough, he found his fur ever home quickly. You’ll find Sooner happily enjoying the antics of his three feline siblings & the “Boss”, a 10-yr old Yorkie. Sooner hit the lottery and I think he gets that.
PrinceThis is Prince and boy is he a brainiac! He greeted me at the door & the second he smelled those turkey hot dogs he went through his entire repertoire – sit, down, dance! Hope Mom, Dad & I can keep this little brain challenged before he decides to come up with his own tasks to perform! Good puppy, Prince!

unnamed (1)
Duke, Leisel & Prissy. Duke is sucking up to the teacher, while Leisel has my back and Prissy is wondering what has happened to all the hot dogs! Such smart and quirky pups all around!

This is 9-wk old English Setter puppy, Abby. Before Abby was added to the family, her parents were adamant about getting a liver & white puppy. They went just to “look” at Abby & her siblings and this little black & white beauty stole their hearts! Can you blame them? Proving my theory, yet again, that no one in the history of the world has ever found it possible to “just go look” at puppies!
If you fall victim to this common phenomena, I’m just a phone call/text/email away!

unnamed (1)
(The Great!) Gatsby, a 7-mo old Welsh Terrier who LOVES school – but would rather be the teacher than the pupil!! Isn’t he gorgeous?!”

12219517_1019597268085742_6164987725182179393_nMom & big sister Claire tried to tell me this 4-lb. ball of fur was a handful! I saw nothing but sweetness & light & a pup who is ready to show her humans all the potential she’s been hiding from them! Sweet Stella is gonna be a Star Student!!
12141591_1013062608739208_6061437674705971974_nTalk about a brainiac student! 9-month old Calum’s mom & dad found him wandering around near a highway & picked him up. No collar, no chip & apparently no human who cared enough to keep him safe. Now he’s living the good life at The Cascades. Calum blew through the first three lessons on Week One of his 6-week schedule!!!
12096390_1008949145817221_8623531635039592649_nBaby Cinnamon is the newest member of my puppy course! This is a not very clear picture of Cinnamon, she’s not still for long, so I was happy to get this shot. This little wiggle worm is pushing 3 lbs. at the vet’s office!
What an adorable and smart puppy!
12144915_1005697816142354_817186972281241297_nThis is 2-yr old Lillie who is gentle as a lamb but likes to scare the bejesus out of anyone coming to the door. What a wonderful example of a GSD!
11259830_991810264197776_5408938887823093150_nMom took a very sick & reactive pup in after Klein was shut down. Otis is now in agility every week. Never underestimate second-chance dogs!!
11053221_990905104288292_6421286062358506293_nAsa is an Einstein-wannabe pictured here with his big brother Gus. Asa is a quick study and has already taught his mom to run to the door when he rings the bell ~ just for a little joke on Mom, of course! He doesn’t necessarily need to potty, but really likes to see Mom respond so fast!
 Scooter is always wanting on the next command — he’s eager to please, especially on the off chance a treat may be involved!

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