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Prior to entering canine behavior modification, I was in the real estate industry for over 15 years as a licensed realtor, property manager and oversaw new construction sales. After a life-long love affair with dogs, I made the decision to follow my passion and began a search to find a training and education program to provide the tools and experience I needed to reach my goal of working with dogs and their owners.

After researching various educational venues, I determined that Triple Crown Academy, just outside Austin, Texas, offered the best theoretical and hands-on curriculum in the industry. As a resident student living on their 350-acre campus where we kenneled up to 200 dogs, I earned my certification as a Canine Training Specialist.

I continue to pursue educational opportunities through seminars, workshops and my membership with the professional organization for trainers, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Triple Crown recruits rescue dogs from various organizations for their students to train, affording these dogs the opportunity to be permanently re-homed. I worked with many traumatized Katrina dogs, rebuilding their trust and providing them with a loving, structured environment while trying to reunite them with their displaced owners.

I encountered dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments and became experienced at determining the best learning approach for each. After spending time volunteering at local shelters, I am convinced that training is the best way to ensure that a dog stays in his “forever home!”



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