“It has been one year since we did training with Cici’s Canine Coaching. I still can not believe how great my dogs are and how well they behave and get along. I am so grateful for all the advice and training I learned and best of all Cyndi comes to your house to do the training, so it is customized to your situations and concerns. I have recommended her to many people and I hear all of their amazing results and praises for Cyndi. I highly recommend her and am still amazed a year later at my success with her coaching.” – Tammy Gonzales


“Huge thank you to Ms. Cici for helping us get along better and learn how to walk as a pack! Life is much more calm now. Also, Cooper says thanks for the new collar!” – Megan Crissey


 “Cyndi started training our Frenchie puppy, Pearl, at three months old. The progress we have seen since she’s has been working with our Pearl has been amazing. I’m so glad we have Cyndi to help us navigate the perils of puppyhood and get Pearl started on the road to becoming the very best dog she can be. Pearl lights up when she sees Cyndi and enjoys every moment working with her.” – Linda Kersh


“I sought out Cyndi’s help after witnessing first-hand the tremendous results she brought to my mom’s pack and I am so thankful that I did! My dog Quinn is the greatest joy in my life, but she definitely didn’t make life easy that’s for sure! She would try every alternative to her commands, just because she could and I swear it was because she thought it was funny. When Cyndi stepped in we immediately knew who was in charge and so did Quinn! After following Cyndi’s lead, my relationship with Quinn has grown into one the most rewarding experiences life could possibly offer. I cannot thank Cyndi enough.” – Madison Payne


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