Training Programs


  • Ages 8 weeks to 6 months.
  • Five commands: Sit, Down, Wait, Come & Walk Nicely on Lead.
  • Puppy-appropriate behavior modification, potty-training, biting, jumping, chewing.
  • Clicker training to speed up puppy’s training & retention.
  • Training in puppy’s own environment.
  • All professional training tools will be provided for reinforcing puppy’s good behavior


Behaviorists know that a puppy’s brain development will never again be as pliable as it is in the 6 week to 18-24 week ag,e period.  Even though your veterinarian will rightly object to enrolling Puppy in a group class, let’s take advantage of this blank slate and begin to develop the relationship of your life with your new pup!  This 6-week series of lessons will be held at your home and we will be teaching your pup to sit, come, wait, down and walk nicely on a leash.  We will also address those typical puppy behavior modification issues, like potty training, puppy biting, jumping up and chewing.  All behaviors are taught using force-fNree, positive reinforcement and clicker training.  Training collar and clickers will be provided for you to use in reinforcing your puppy’s new skills between lessons.



  • This dog may have missed out on some of the basic skills he now needs to live in the human world.
  • He learns much more easily in a laid-back, informal style.
  • He’s a smart dog and you’ve got to be on your toes to stay one step ahead of him.
  • Clicker training combined with trick training lets you both have fun while he learns the skills he needs to fit into our human world.
  • The Class Clown will train three times in his own environment and three times in a public venue where he can revel in getting the attention he craves.
  • Professional training equipment and trick props will be provided for this wannabe street performer!

Behaviorists rightly put a lot of stock in puppies getting the best start in life with no bad experiences and plenty of positive enriching opportunities.  But in the real world, very few puppies get that kind of pampered puppyhood and yet we all know great dogs who have gone through bad experiences and maybe many homes before they “clicked” with someone who saw the diamond in the rough.  Just because you fell in love with that shy, withdrawn little guy hovering in the back of the kennel because his past had conditioned him to try to keep a low profile, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to be the hero in his life and give him all he needs to blossom — one chance!  When you are out with a group of dogs, observe the ones you are drawn to.  Chances are it won’t be that AKC conformation standard dog, but the one who is playing to the crowd because he knows the good fortune of being a second-chance pup!


This dog is a delight to train once you accept he is who he is.  He can be every bit as obedient and responsive as the dogs who’ve been training since puppies, but you’ve got to keep him engaged with F-U-N!  No static sits and down stays for him, give him a challenge and let him take the lead in figuring it out.  You’ve got to be creative with this dog or you both will be frustrated.



  • Customized for puppies over 6 months who know the basic skills.
  • Strategies for dealing in a positive way with that precocious teenager who is testing the boundaries.
  • Six-lessons in your dog’s environment, including a field trip to show off his public-pleasing manners!
  • Creative and force-free solutions to helping your dog develop into a pleasure to be with.
  • Abolishing those habits that embarrass you in front of guests and keep your dog home instead of spending time going places with you!
  • Additional professional training equipment will be provided all to make the learning experience fun for you and your dog!


This series of in-home lessons is for puppies 6 months and older who have learned the basics, but are beginning to challenge the boundaries they once accepted.  Our goal in this 6 week class is to help your dog transition into a pup who is a joy to live with and shows respect for other humans and dogs.  We will continue with clicker training (or introduce it if your dog has never used it) to put these valuable manners on cue.  Just think, no more nuisance barking, no more embarrassing lunging at people or dogs as you walk the neighborhood, and no more fighting to get guests in the house without being mauled, while still attempting to keep Fido from bolting out the door!  Training equipment,



  • Curriculum will focus on skills needed to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test.
  • Various field trips will be planned to provide experience and confidence taking your well-mannered dog out in public.
  • Written outlines for each portion of the training/homework to keep dog & human on track.
  • Professional training equipment and the opportunity to take AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test with a qualified evaluator.
  • After your dog passes the CGC test, you will receive a 16×20 framed color photograph of the two of you to memorialize your relationship with your Awesome Canine Companion.


Those of us who consider our relationship with our dog as one of the most special bonds in our life, come to count on the unconditional love and acceptance of our dogs as an important part of our daily life.  We each know they are special no matter what their behavior may be like, but it is so much more validating to know that our dogs are welcome in most areas of our human world because we have spent the time and energy building that relationship.  Although we may have many d. ogs during our lifetime, we are indeed blessed to have what many dog folks have called their one “heart dog”.  You know when you have one and they give every bit as much to the bond as we do.  I believe they exceptional dogs deserve the very best from us and they will always do whatever it takes to make us happy and proud to have them in our lives.  These dogs deserve to be called our Awesome Companion!




  • The number of sessions required will be determined after I have had the chance to meet with the dogs and discuss your specific goals.
  • Since most behavioral issues occur in the dog’s own environment, classes typically take place in the home.
  • Behavior modification, by definition, requires that we break the negative behaviors down into small bite-size increments and recondition the dog’s pay-off for those smaller behaviors.
  • Each session will build on the preceding lesson, so daily reinforcement of 10-15 minutes will be needed between sessions for best results.
  •  If you have a 2-dog household, both dogs are typically indulging in similar behavior.  Sessions will be $75/hr. for the first dog and an additional $25/hr. to include the second dog.  A 6-session series with one lesson per week for one dog is $400; adding a second dog is an additional $200, or $600  for both.


Just like with humans, it takes approximately 30 days for a new habit to form.  Since we are the ones who have decided the new habit needs to be put into place it takes a little longer to get our dogs to get on board with our ideas for their “self-improvement”!Training housemates together is a great idea because recent scientific studies have proven that dogs do learn from modelling each other’s behavior.  We want them modelling the good stuff, not the bad habits of the dog that did not get training! Additionally,  because these are private lessons, we will work together to determine the goals you want to see your dog(s) accomplish.  Each week is providing the foundational behavior for subsequent weeks, so it is important that you are able to commit to spending 10-15 minutes a day reinforcing that week’s lesson.  You are an important partner in your dog’s success!

It is also possible to schedule single training sessions for $75 per session.  Minor behavioral problems can often be extinguished once you have an appropriate protocol in place that you can continue to reinforce.  Many people also decide to go through the 6-week series and then have me revisit for “tune-up” sessions for issues that need to be tweaked or if the home environment situation has changed ~ maybe a new housemate (canine or human!) has been added to your pack, your  dog’s living conditions have changed.  Dogs are very much creatures of habit and helping them to gradually adjust to changes in your home will go a long way to head off any potential problems in the future.



3 thoughts on “Training Programs

  1. Eva, sorry to have taken so long. I’ve been in website hell here, but think I am out for now. You can get a more reliable response until I’m sure this is fixed if you want to text me at 214.908.3451. It’s $400 for the two together. We will work with them at the same time. Housemates feed off of each other’s energy, so they need to learn together because you will be expecting them to give you appropriate behavior when they are together. Let me know if you have additional questions.


  2. Your visit helped us so much with problem behaviors between our older dog and her new, younger housemate. They still don’t love each other but we know how to handle the situations better. Thanks for saving the day.


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